Best Medicare Supplement Plans For Medicare Part B

While Medigap Plan N is one of the best Medicare Supplement Plans available today, it is not specifically made to benefit people that have an Original Medicare Part B. It covers some of the gaps in Part A as well. However, when it comes to covering the gaps incurred by Medicare Part B, there is two very accommodating option. These are Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan F.

Medigap Plan G

Unlike plan F that requires copayments for ER and Office visits, Medigap Plan G does not. It also comes with the Plan N benefits of covering emergency care for foreign travel, services rendered in a Skilled Nursing Care facility and when necessary your Medicare Part A deductible. The reason we term this as the best Medigap policy for people with Original Medicare Part B is that of its ability to fully cover any and all excess charges incurred under the Medicare Part B policy.

An excess charge in Medicare Part B arises whenever you are treated by a doctor that accepts that Medicare policy. Once the doctor charges more than what is approved by the Medicare policy from his specific treatment service, then the excess charge automatically becomes an out of pocket cost. With the Plan G, this cost is taken care of for you.

Normally, the law will restrict the excessive charges to up to 15% of the approved fee. However, the excess charge still falls out of the jurisdiction of your original Medicare plan and only a Mutual of Omaha Medicare SupplementĀ can take care of this for you. Otherwise, you are held responsible for the overflow. Plan G comes with all the benefits of the other Medicare Supplement Plans. It is distinguishable from the rest for the simple reason that it does not include coverage for Medicare Part B deductibles.

Medigap Plan F

With no Medicare Supplement Plans, all the excess charges, copayments and deductibles are left to you. However, under Medigap Plan G, most of this will be covered until we get to the deductibles then the plan no longer does anything for you. It is at this point that Medigap Plan F kicks in a pick up the slack. Plan F is a really good Medigap plan as it comes with all the benefits of Plan G including covering the Part B excessive charges while having one distinct benefit, it fully covers your Part B deductible as well.

There is, however, a catch, better benefits generally tend to come with higher premiums. But, if you can afford the premiums then they are worth every penny you pump into the Medigap Plan. For those that cannot afford the Medicare Supplement Plan F, there is a high deductible version that is more affordable with a less steep price range for the premiums. That, however, is a story for another day.

If you rely on Original Medicare Part B, the Medigap Plan F and G are what you should consider buying into when looking for a better Medicare Coverage. One, or both, will ensure that you incur little to no personal costs from your healthcare needs.