Common Myths Related To Medicare Busted

After attaining the age of 65 years most people need to get enrolled into Medicare plans. There are different Parts of Medicare and among them Part A and Part B is compulsory. After enrolling into one you get coverage for different expenses that you incur for medical treatment. Still there are certain deductibles that are not covered under the Original Medicare and thus you need to take Medicare supplement plans.  Now, as there are lot of things to learn about the Medicare as a whole most people tend to get confused about it. And this confusion have led to various misconceptions and myths to grow. Here are few such myths busted about Medicare.

Once I turn 65 I will get Medicare for free

Although many believe this but it is not at all true. As you arrive the age of 65 you have to get enrolled into Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A dies not charge you anything but you have to pay premium for Part B. you will be charged $134/month and this will be deducted from your social security check. For those who are not receiving social security have to pay this after getting a bill quarterly.

AEP applies to Medicare supplement or Medigap plans

Another common belief is that AEP applies to Medicare supplement plans but again this is not true. AEP runs from 15th October to 7th December every year and it is the enrollment period for Medicare Advantage and Part D that is prescription drugs plan. If you wish to change your Medigap plan you can do so any time of the year after qualifying for the same medically.

Medicare Advantage plans are types of Medicare supplement

A common misconception that many people tend to have. Actually both plans are independent of each other. Medicare Advantage plan is to substitute Part A and part B of Original Medicare while the supplement plans are to support the out-of-pocket expenses after getting the coverage from original Medicare. Moreover, you cannot have both of these plans operational together.

Medicare does not cover any preventive care

This claim had been true a few years back but presently the rules have changed. Now, Medicare provides a coverage for some preventive care too. There are different screening services that are covered like mammograms and bone density scans.

Some doctors do not accept a Medigap plan

This may be true for Medicare Advantage but Medigap is acceptable to any doctor who takes payments from Medicare.  Want more information go